Happy New Year 2019

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year’s celebration.

Time to get to work on those things you started and plan to finish in 2019, let’s begin by saying no to things that will not challenge you to grow and reach your potential. No point in spreading yourself thin and produce work that is not your best and to stress on top of it all.

Get your finances in order, or at least under control.

Create a budget box, file your paperwork and label it.

Carve out time weekly for you to focus on you.

Even if it is one hour at the end of every week MAKE that time where you can be with you. You’re important, you deserve it.

Learn just one new thing, a new language, a new hobby or just learning how to whip a good dish or a cocktail. Whatever it is, just one thing.

Put your emotional, physical and mental health first.

Your health is important, treat it as such.

Ask for help

From the people who are supportive, caring and loving of you. Ask, even if they can’t help at this moment, they will be there for you.

Shift your perspective

Outlook is everything. You don’t need any more bad vibes than the ones the world already throws.

Do yoga or meditation: Doing yoga makes me so relaxed. everyone should try it!

Set deadlines: You should make yourself have something finished by a specific date, and not let it slip if you don’t do it.

Mark your deadlines: This way you can keep in mind that there is something due in the next few days, for example; and even if you forget about it, the next time you check your planner, you’ll notice that there is something in for you.

Mark dates for events, appointments and special (or important) occasions. This tip goes with the last one. Don’t ever think you won’t forget something. Don’t ever assume this.

Check your planner:

Check what’s in for you in the future (assuming you always write everything down). Don’t stop checking your planner just because you know this is not a busy week, you may have an important business meeting or brunch.

Plan ahead. This is what the monthly, weekly, and daily spreads are for. Don’t limit yourself to knowing what you have to do today, but also make a list of all the stuff you have to get done tomorrow or by the end of the week.

Try to add a pocket at the back so you don’t lose small, important pieces of paper. This is one of my very favorites; I carry some sticky notes in different sizes in case I need them, receipts and stuff people give me. If possible, reserve a small part for random ideas that may come to your mind while you are busy doing something else or just on the go (e.g. what to get your friend for their next birthday, the plot for your next story, something to add to your painting…ect) so you don’t forget about it.

Read: books, poetry, fan fiction, self help books, read whatever makes you happy. reading.

Save money: It is important to build a healthy relationship with money. Set small goals like putting certain amount in a savings account each month, whether that be from a paycheck, payments from your business, or however else you get money. Set goals like putting X amount into a savings account.

Have at least one technology free day: everyone is so wrapped up in technology and it is important tot take a break, both for your physical health and mind.

Sleeeeeeeep: Everyone can use a little more sleep. I suggest trying to wake up and go to sleep around the same time everyday (with some exceptions like you can break the routine sometimes and it’s okay). it makes you feel good!!! and then you’ll be less tired.

Accept your failures: This sounds kind of a little harsh, but bear with me. No one is good at everything, everyone has been disappointed by a grade, everyone has failed/ been disappointed by something they have done. It’s important to accept it, acknowledge the outcome was not ideal, but don’t beat yourself up about it. it’s okay to fail. it’s okay to be disappointed. it’s okay, and if it doesn’t feel okay right now, it will feel okay soon. believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Digitally declutter.

Clear out your phone, clear space and move your photos to Google Photo, delete apps you don’t use, organise the item you use the most.

On that, try for Inbox Zero.

Inbox Zero is just that, your inbox with Zero unread emails.

Deep clean your car, desk, workspace, house or bedroom.

You deserve to work and live in a clean and functional space. Allowing you to work on things that you love and to have that time to yourself.

Write a list of SMART goals.

The best goals, SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT and TIME BOUND. Breaking the goals down to make sure you do them.