Self Care Sunday

Stress is not something any of us like feeling, but it happens every once in a while, when the world is too overwhelming for your inner fortress. The past week has been a wrecking ball for many including myself. It has been in full force. I am tired, annoyed, conflicted and anxious. But I am alive. I had disappointing incidents that happened to me which I was reminded of on this week, it was eye opening and had me kicking myself for allowing things to upset me the way it did. This week I had to see my daughter hurting and it is something that I can’t fix it is just one of those life lessons we all go through in life but it does hurt to see your kids hurting and want to fix it so bad but only thing you can do is be there to listen, pray and wipe the tears away.

So today is self care for me and letting go of this week and everything else that set my health & stress levels on 8. Like I told my daughter no one is worth stress or possibly death from it. Sometimes we all have to take day or two and not care about anybody’s issues just care for yourself today. If you don’t feel like getting something done today guess what don’t let it happen today, just relax and enjoy the day doing nothing.

Today’s Affirmation:

Each obstacle is a chance to grow and learn.

My self care plans for today is get a little writing in, read, cook and do some music therapy just putting on some feel music and let this week wash off of me.