Knowing Who You Are

Who are you? It’s amazing how we know others more than we know ourselves! I am not talking about the “my name is” and the “I come from….” stuff. I am talking about the person behind the one you see in the mirror.

The problem is, we listen to everyone except that person inside us! When people discourage us from doing something, sometimes we take it and run with what the goal killers opinions. It’s time to listen to you, spend time with you and make you happy! Life is too short to spend it trying to please everybody. Live it on your own terms.

So when people tell you can’t, they really know that you can! Deep in their heart they know you are more than capable to do it. When you make up your mind to achieve something you must tune out the negative conversations that have the potential to derail you from reaching your goal.

Believe you can make it.

And work towards it. It’s only part of our human nature to want to quit when we are emotionally exhausted, tired, rejected, criticized ridiculed or in pain. It’s normal. But when your desire to succeed surpasses your pain, then you will be unstoppable!