New Endeavors: Learning As I Go

So I launched a new podcast and let me tell you I never really understood the work it takes to do this. I really appreciate the production from my favorite podcast hosts I love to listen to. I really just want to do a podcast to get my voice out there in the world with my opinions about everyday life once or twice during the week.

My first guest will be at the end of the month but so far I have been doing several podcast episodes it has been very interesting, I have received good feedback and a few people have said they would love to be guests on my podcast. The time that goes into it, thinking of topics to talk about, not be too long and hoping not to offend anyone but hey someone said something to me this past week, this is my podcast I make the rules on what I would like to chat about and people always have the right to not listen.

So my podcast will really be about black issues because hey I am black, along with my favorite thing which is FOOD along with putting the spotlight on other bloggers and current events. Being black is a blessing but it also comes with a lot of adversity at times but I wouldn’t change anything about being a black woman at all. Black people gain so much strength from every adversity we are faced with simply because we are black. But that adversity only motivates us to keep going no matter how some may try their best to knock us down.

Well my time is up on this good Saturday morning, I plan to relax and finish binge watching The Hunters on Amazon prime and I am rewatching Snowfall again getting ready for the new season.

People have been pinging me about my comment section not being available and I disabled that feature in 2018 due to harassing comments before but I will be turning the feature back on.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!