Quarantine and More

It has been a while since my last blog post, I have been so slow to blog since quarantine working from home and I have been so drained with the constant breaking news about Covid19 and also constantly worrying about my family in the hardest hit state. I have been keeping myself busy by trying my hands at baking and also new recipes. I have also been up on my cocktail game because I won’t lie since this pandemic coctails on Friday’s have become a thing for my friends and I on our cocktail zoom parties. I miss my friends so much just going over their houses or them coming over. Since my friends and I have underlying issues we are staying away to keep each other safe but it still sucks.

Thankfully my family has not been affected by Covid19 but we have been losing so many people, I just read that a 9 year old passed away in Florida, 5 year old passed away in Texas and more babies in Corpus Christi have tested positive for Covid19. We lost a great man this past week Representative John Lewis, it was not due to Covid19 but it was complications from cancer.

We also lost another civil rights pioneer Reverend C. T. Vivian.

Rev. C.T. Vivian was 95. He was a civil rights hero who worked alongside Dr. ML King and Rep. John Lewis that helped to get black voters the right to vote.

He was known for his wit humor, interleaf and philiosophical reasonings. They both dedicated their lives, their souls, and their bodies to the struggle for equality and the fight for justice.

The body of Rep. John Lewis will lie in state at the US Capitol next week. The civil rights icon will also be honored in Alabama and Georgia.

The casket holding the body of civil rights icon C.T. Vivian is carried out of Providence Missionary Baptist Church following his funeral service in Atlanta, Georgia. Vivian, a close associate and friend of Martin Luther King Jr. was a renowned preacher who participated in the Freedom Rides and helped organize non-violent protest in the South during the 1960s.

So of course I have been able to catch up on Netflix and Hulu shows so here is a list of shows that I have enjoyed or still currently watching.

1. Billions (Showtime)

2. Black Monday (Showtime)

3. Dynasty (Netflix) Updated Version

4. Four Weddings & A Funeral (Hulu)

Of course I have been watching Hallmarks Christmas in July movies which has helped me a great deal with escaping the horrible news daily.

Amazon has really been my go to for shopping, I have ordered for the house and since I’m redoing my office it really has been a big help to go online finding things to put on my wishlist which I will get in due time. Target pick up has been awesome too. I definitely give them 5 stars. Besides those two sites my business has been going towards Black owned In businesses in my state.

I truly hope everyone is being safe and wearing a mask, yes I know it is hot and headache but please wear one to keep yourself safe and others safe too. Working from home has been extended for so many companies until 2021 so the longer we can’t get it together the longer we will be like this even though I don’t mind working from home and just being home period but everyone is not an introvert so I know this has to be hard on so many.

Just want to leave you with some encouraging words I saw online and it is really fitting for this particular season we are all going through together

“Yes… There are some very mean spirited people in this world…

If you are not careful, it will make you forget that there are some very loving, kind, good willed people here as well…”

Stay safe. Hugs & Love.